The PSG Tech Chennai Chapter, formerly known as the Madras Chapter, began its journey way back in 1960 with a few alumni based here to continue the bond and affinity with our Alma mater and to foster the spirit of Camaraderie and Fellowship of the alumni. Over the decades, it has grown into a highly dynamic and vibrant organization that strives to uphold the highest standards of professional life as envisaged by the 'Founding Fathers' of PSG and Sons Charities and that of the visionary Founder Principal of PSG Tech, Prof.G.R.Damodaran. 

We are passionately driven by Mission, Vision, and Objectives. As a professional body, we strive continually to strengthen our bond and affinity with our Alma Mater and fellow alumni and provide a highly supportive and strong forum for our alumni in improving and enriching their professional and personal lives.


To acquire official status as a legal entity and to protect its ownership of the flat in its name at TAM Flats, Saidapet, Chennai, and future assets, The Chennai Chapter was registered as a Society in 2014 under 'The Tamil Nadu Registration of Society Act, 1975.' 

We are a modern, progressive and dynamic organization forever striving to foster the bond of our fellow alumni and pursue all the necessary actions and efforts to enhance their quality of life. We have active participation from female alumni and we encourage their involvement and suggestions in the alumni activities. We are also constantly engaging with the Government, Public and Private Sector Organizations, Professional Bodies and Community to promote excellence in the fields of technology and management.​

ME 1994, Structural Engineering
ME 1994, Structural Engineering

'' Connect, Collaborate, Contribute  


With & To

Colleagues, College, Community"

Our Mission

1. Bring the alumni of PSG College of Technology and Polytechnic College based at or the natives of Greater Chennai and the neighboring  Districts under one forum for the exchange of experience and dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

2. Facilitate the furtherance of fellowship, and advancement of scientific, technical and engineering knowledge in general of the community and the country.

3. Facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute to Alma Mater's efforts to achieve excellence in academics and research through raising funds or other means.

4. Facilitate professional networking and collaboration for mutual benefit in academic, professional, and business areas and fields among the members.

 5. Conduct seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings of engineering and management professionals and faculties for the purpose of promotion of technical knowledge and skills.

6.  Facilitate the welfare and advancement of the members and their families.

7. Organize sports, games, picnics and other social activities for the benefit of its members and their families. 
8. To generate corpus at the PSG Tech Alumni Association Chennai Chapter for creating better residential

/educational/recreational facilities and for any other cause as determined by the General Body of the Association In Greater Chennai and neighboring Districts.

9.  Create and establish endowments for granting scholarships and prizes to the students of PSG College of Technology and Polytechnic College and to the Children of Members of the Association with a view to promote and encourage talent, skills and expertise. 
10. To actively interact with State and Central Government Bodies, Universities, Professional Associations and Associations of Engineering and Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Industries and Marketing Agencies on matters relating to promotion of engineering, technical and management education,
and research, skills development, training, & systems.  


Our Vision

Connecting and supporting Alumni on scholarship, fellowship, and leadership in the service of professional organizations, the community, and the nation.

To provide exceptional value and continual support to alumni members by offering a deep sense of belonging, connection, community, and pride.


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