The alumni of PSG Tech, PSG Polytechnic College and MBA School based in and

Around Greater Metropolitan Chennai and neighboring districts are eligible to

become a member. Retired faculty based here will be deemed 'Honorary Members'.

Eminent and distinguished alumni will be accorded the status of 'Honorary Members'

All alumni are based overseas or in other parts of India, especially if they hail from  Chennai. may be considered for membership on the recommendations of the Executive Committee.

The current Annual Membership Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 Fee is INR 1000 [Indian Rupee One Thousand]

Annual General BODY


As Chennai Chapter is a Registered Society it is mandatory to conduct an AGM every year. AGMs are being held usually in September each year. 

An eminent and distinguished alumnus is invited to be the Chief Guest.  Eminent alumni are invited as 'Special Guests'  to address the gathering.


Periodic 'Guest Lectures' are arranged by inviting either our alumni or others having a good experience, expertise, knowledge, and  skills in different fields of Engineering, Technology, Management, Training  etc.,

or in Public Life that would be interesting and beneficial to our alumni.

Family Get-together (FGT)

& Talent Show 

Family get-togethers are organized by the Chennai chapter to bring together alumni and their families and reconnect and make new friendships. They are memorable and fun-filled outings with lots of activities for all ages. The venues for these get-togethers are in and around Chennai, with lots of entertainment, fun, and games for all. This achieves closer bonding, regular participation and ultimately creates one huge extended family of PSG TAACC.

Talent shows would be organized to create opportunities for alumni and their family members to showcase their various talents and in turn get recognition for them. These can help motivate participants and bring us closer to one another. 

Mentoring & COUNSELLing

Mentoring will be provided by senior and experienced alumni to the junior alumni and the students of PSG Tech in different areas as follows;

  - Career Counseling and Job Search


  - Higher Studies in India and Abroad


  - Entrepreneurship


  - Across Specialties and Industries

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