By The Alumni

Various types of services would be provided by our alumni.

It includes Chamber of Commerce and the Alumni Marketplace for 'Products' and 'Services'.

(Any alumnus wishing to offer Products and Services can have your products/services listed in our Alumni Marketplace on payment of a nominal fee) 

For The Alumni & Their Families

Various services and benefits would be proposed to be offered by the chapter.

1. Mentoring and Counseling for the alumni and their family members for Higher Studies, Job Search, and Career,

Entrepreneurship etc..

2. Tie up hospitals, clinics and testing labs for special discounts;

- A special tie-up with Insurance Companies, Travel Agents, Hotels, etc..

3. Organize all India and international tours for members and families;

4. Arrange internships for students belonging to alumni families;

5. Organize  Health  Camps, Seminars and Webinars for members and their families;

6. Conduct shows to showcase the skills and talents of alumni and families.


Connect, Collaborate, Contribute


To & With

 Colleagues, College, Community


Branding is the process involved in creating a very unique name, image, logo etc

for  an organization  with a special, consistent theme to establish a significant and 

differentiated presence among similar entities that attracts and retains loyal customers.

If a 'Brand' results from a set of associations and perceptions in people's minds, then

'Branding' is an attempt to harness, generate and influence such associations to help

the organizations function and contribute better to the welfare of its members.


For Alumni Associations & Chapters, the aim is to attract and retain alumni members.

Chennai Chapter has sought  to achieve this by creating a special Logo, Slogan and

 The Mission that embodies its uniqueness is to be embraced proudly by its alumni members.

Logo and Slogan will be consistently used in all communication, promotional and

other means like  Letter Heads, Official Digital Communication like e-mails, Twitter etc

A special T-Shirt for the members may be designed with our Logo and Slogan printed on it.

Banners, Placards and other display materials with the Logo and Slogan will be displayed 

during AGMs, Talent Shows, Guest Lectures, Picnics and other events of the Chapter.

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