Events & Chapter Activities

Chennai Chapter is an active and vibrant association of PSGians  to stay connected globally through various programs and events including Monthly talk shows by eminent personalities from the industry

Home is where you park it

17 Dec 2022

A captivating and eye-opening event, titled "Home is where you park it," offered a unique glimpse into the world of individuals who have chosen to live in houses on wheels. This event provided a rich tapestry of stories, insights, and experiences shared by those who have embraced a nomadic lifestyle, where freedom and adventure are paramount.

Webinar on EV electric vehicle

26 Nov 2022

A highly informative and forward-thinking event titled "Webinar on EV: Electric Vehicle" took center stage, shedding light on the revolutionary transformation happening in the automotive industry.

Alumni Business Council Meeting

19 Nov 2022

The second installment of the "Alumni Business Council Meeting" convened with enthusiasm and purpose, uniting a diverse group of accomplished alumni entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals. This meeting was a testament to the commitment of alumni to collaborate, share insights, and contribute to the growth and success of their alma mater's business community.

Q & A about equity investment

29 Oct 2022

The gathering was a dynamic exchange of questions and answers, bringing together a diverse group of individuals, professionals, and experts who were passionate about advancing equity and inclusivity in various spheres of life. The event served as an interactive platform for participants to seek clarity and insights into the complex world of equity assessments.

8th Annual General Meeting

25 Sep 2022

The Annual General Meeting was a celebration of shared values, collaboration, and the spirit of giving back. Attendees had the chance to connect, network, and build partnerships that would further enhance the impact of their collective efforts.

Wandering with cameras in the wild

20 Aug 2022

Enthusiasts of the great outdoors embarked on a memorable journey titled "Wandering with Camera in the Wild." This event was a testament to the human spirit's yearning for adventure and the innate desire to capture the raw beauty of nature through the lens of a camera.

PSG Alumni Group Medical Insurance

23 July 2022

The PSG Alumni community took a significant step towards the well-being of its members by introducing the "PSG Alumni Group Medical Insurance" initiative. This innovative program aimed to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage to alumni, fostering a sense of care and support within the alumni network.

Alumni Business Council Meeting

25 June 2022

The Alumni Business Council is a prestigious and dynamic gathering of accomplished graduates who have come together to foster a strong and lasting connection in their  world of business. This event serves as a platform for these esteemed alumni to collaborate, network, and contribute to the growth and success of their professional endeavors.

Reconnect with Koorathalvar's

19 Mar 2022

An event that took the alumni down memory lane, interesting life stories along journeys was conducted in March 2022 . We connected with some of the illustrious Koorathalwar awardees over the years.

Prize distribution of GRD Talent Show

15 Feb 2022

PSG Tech Talent Test for GRD Rolling Trophy was conducted in online mode on. It was a great moment for the Chennai chapter as The prestigious Rolling Trophy was bagged by Chennai School – PSBB , Nungambakkam.

A chat with samura

05 Feb 2022

Avid readers and fans of literature were treated to an extraordinary event as they gathered for "A Chat with Samura," an intimate and illuminating conversation with the renowned novelist, Samura. This event was a unique opportunity to gain insights into the creative process, inspiration, and the world of storytelling from one of the literary world's most celebrated authors